About Us

Solar Action Alliance is a platform for a large group of like-minded people who are concerned about the environment and what the world will be like in the future if nothing is done to conserve its energy sources. Solar energy is available freely, it’s abundant, it’s clean, it’s reliable and what is the most important thing it’s renewable energy from the sun. Far less of the world’s resources are depleted to supply energy if the sun is used to fulfill our insatiable demand for it. If you would like to join the alliance and take action on solar, please go here.


There are a number of things we do to make our dream come true to make this planet a solar world and that is through educating people to understand how they can become a part of this energy revolution. We educate homeowners about how they can gain from a solar installation in their homes. This includes incentives offered by different states, and how an investment can reap benefits economically. All states offer some incentives to homeowners who use solar energy but some are better than others.

Our Purpose

We go further than just educating people about going solar because we indirectly focus on changing the views of our legislators and decision makers. They hold the economic key to helping both business and homeowners to install the latest solar technology on their roofs. We don’t believe that the power companies should control the solar power revolution because smaller home installed solar powered houses are just as effective at making electricity from the sun.


Our vision is to provide a focal point where visitors to our website can access the necessary information regarding solar installations while sharing their views with like-minded individuals. They can download resources to help them start and complete their solar journey. Our website receives more than 10,000 visitors every day globally, and our aim is to bring people together from throughout the country so that we can act as a force promoting a solar energy future for all. We want to increase our fans to millions so that our view becomes important as a group.

Our Role in the Solar Power Solution

Solar Action Alliance is a growing organization. We don’t directly lobby governments but we hope that the community we are building is an effective source in itself where solar energy enthusiasts work together to provide advice and encouragement. Our aim is to promote our cause through example, not by arguing or agitating. This is the best way to influence governments to promote solar in a real way.

What projects are we working on?

We are working presently on our 1st feature for this site: a free program which is designed to talk you through the nitty-gritty of solar installations including the best products to buy, the amount of money you need to kick-start your solar panel rooftop project, how your state’s government offers incentives in various forms and all the ways you gain financially from your solar initiative. We will be including anything from bank loans to leasing your roof options. We will cover tax credits too.


You will be quite surprised when you see how economically worthwhile a solar installation project is for you. The only real prerequisite is a suitably sized roof facing in the right direction with a free view of the sun. That’s what you are going to be using energy from the sun that we take for granted in our daily lives but ignore its fabulous qualities.

Thank you for visiting

We want you to come back and visit our site and pass the solar good news to people you know. We don’t want you to be just a casual browser or a stranger but someone who adds strength to our community and our cause. When you sign out of our site for the day you get an automatic thank you from us and do please leave a comment that will inspire our solar community.


As we progress with our ideals you will be proud when you see around you the results of our solar panel projects and the lights in people’s houses shining brightly at night but no smell of gas or burning oil in the air as our solar energy is odorless and allows city residents to breathe fresh, green air. What a great project to be part of, one you will never regret. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us.