7 Reasons Why Texas Is Awesome

Deep in the Heart of Texas


There is nothing like driving with the windows rolled down and breathing in the sweet aroma that can only be from the wild fields of Texas. The way the wildflowers sway casually in the breeze as a summer storm rolls in from the Gulf of Mexico. And when you look up at the night sky you are covered by a blanket of twinkling lights.


Texas offers so much wonder and awe it’s no wonder it is one of the most amazing states you could ever visit. And as the saying goes, “Everything is big in Texas” and this list of the seven wonders of Texas will prove rightly so. The same is true for solar panels Texas.


1) Houston, Texas.


The night sky above Texas seems to go on for miles and miles. You won’t ever get a better view of the constellations and the Milky Way Galaxy as you will in Texas. It is because of the great views and clear sky that NASA made its home in Houston. Besides all the space missions that occurred when America raced the Soviet Union to the Moon, Houston has become the place to visit for all astronomy buffs.


2) Dallas, Texas


When it comes to block parties, no one can throw them better or bigger than the West End in Dallas, Texas. During the summer you can go to the West End and explore four city blocks of music, festivities, and food. If dancing in the streets isn’t your thing, you can always browse the many shops that line the streets and pick out your favorite fudge or do a walking pub crawl that allows you to taste the microbrewers that have made Dallas their home.


3) The Melting Pot


One of the great things you will ever experience in Texas is how diverse it is. The state is so big that you need at least a week to travel the state and see all the sites. If you start off on the West side of the state you will experience El Paso, Texas. El Paso is a blend of Mexican and American cultures where the food is spicy and the nights are crazy.


Travel a bit further inland and you will find the hard working blue collars in Odessa. In Odessa, you can drive through a working oil field and watch as black gold is pumped up from under the ground. Texas has every kind of metropolis you can think of. Do you want city life? Dallas, Austin, Galveston, San Antonio are calling. If you are looking for laid back and country living you have Farmersville, McKinney, Beeville, and more.


4) Everything You Could Ever Want


In Texas, you have cowboys and surfers. You have fisherman and ranchers. There are so many different things you can do and explore in this great state you could never do them in one lifetime. With the Gulf of Mexico down south, you can take a trip to the ocean and get your tan on in the summer months. When it comes to winter activities, head further north and go up into the panhandle for some winter fun. While it doesn’t always snow in Texas, there are the few occasions that it does and what a white Christmas it makes.


Plus when it comes to amusement parks, Texas has the wildest and biggest parks around! It doesn’t matter if you want to be an astronaut for the day or get wet and wild with Shamu, Texas has everything you could ever want to do.


5) Laws of the Land


Texas has some of the funniest laws still on the books. If fact one law that is still in effect is being hung for stealing a horse. Another crazy law that they don’t enforce but still have is spitting on the sidewalk. The laws, of course, should be re-evaluated, but they make for some great humor when you look back at the dates these laws were put into place and how they have no relevance in today’s society.


6) Entertainment


When they say everything is big in Texas, they mean it. You will find some of the most profound artists, musicians, and actors hail from this amazing state. People like, ZZ Top, Beyonce, Willie Nelson, Randy Quaid, and so many others call Texas their home state.


7) Hospitality


One of the great things you will come to love about Texas is the people. No matter where they are in life, no matter what is going on in their world, they are the best company to keep. Nowhere else you will be able to knock on some stranger’s door and ask for help. It is like they have kept the neighborhood a family unit and everyone is more than willing to help out if you ask nicely. They have held on to old traditions and offer a friendly smile. But remember that owning a gun is legal in this state and Texans aren’t afraid to use one.


Texas truly is a remarkable state and they hold onto the Spirit and Soul of America. Some may say that these individuals who reside in there are crazy, but they are just old fashion. They are the heart of this nation and have the highest rate of active military and veterans and very patriotic. Which is why no one will ever mess with Texas, but if they do, Texas has it written in their constitution that they can secede from the nation. So it would be wise not to mess with this noble and proud state.