Full Guide to Residential Solar Panels In Destin, FL (2021)

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Situated in the north-west Flordia panhandle, the “world’s luckiest fishing village” relaxes on glorious pearly sand beaches, enjoying the vibrant life of beautiful culture, warm open skies, and the cooling splash of those breathtaking emerald green waves. Destin is more than just a destination though, it’s home to wonderful opportunities, including an incredible future in solar energy. 

Before we start, here is our Solar Report Card for Destin:

destin fl solar panel report card

Transitioning to solar energy may seem daunting, but we promise that the process in Destin, FL, can be not only painless but truly beneficial! We layout the information specifically tailored to your city, answering any questions you may have, including:

  1. How much will it cost me? A cost breakdown for Destin residents.
  2. Will solar really save me money? A look at incredible savings available to you.
  3. What are the other benefits of solar? A comprehensive look at solar energy benefits.
  4. Is Destin a good city for solar energy? A look at Destin’s solar potential.
  5. What does the process look like? A step-by-step process of your solar installation.
  6. How do I get the best deal? Our recommendations.

Let’s cover some answers to each of these common questions!

How Much Will It Cost Me?

This is everyone’s first question when they start looking at solar, and we understand its importance. You want to know know what kind of commitment you’re making financially, and we want to make sure you understand all the factors that dictate the cost for solar in your city. To begin, take a look at this simple infographic to see exactly how your total cost is broken down:

Our example price is based upon the installation of a 5 kW (kilowatt) solar panel system. Why? This system is the average-sized system that you will find across the country. It has the potential of producing energy to support the average American home, between 1,200 – 2000 sq. feet. 

For a 5 kW system in Destin, FL, you’re looking at a total cost of $14,250. But before we move on to look at the incredible savings potential that makes this investment so worth it, we have a few major incentives available to you, that can make this number even better!

The first incentive that we have to look at is the Florida sales tax exemption. For your sale of solar panels, as a Florida resident, you are exempt from paying any sales tax on your investment. With Florida’s tax rate of 6%, you are looking at an initial savings of $855. This is an incredible deal that you really aren’t going to find anywhere else.

Current Cost Savings: $855

Our second incentive to factor in is the great blue whale of savings in solar: the Federal Solar Tax Credit. This unbeatable credit offers a 26% return on your entire installation and purchase of solar panels. This means for your investment of $14,250, you are receiving a discount of $3,705!

Total Cost Savings: $4,560

Subtracting 26% from our cost of $14,250, bring your total cost down to a very manageable $9,690. We understand that you may not have this kind of money sitting around. There are great financial options offered through your local bank branches and even $0 down options, including free installation. Just enter your zip code below to get in contact with some great contractors in Destin, FL, and learn more about these great offers! 

Finally, be encouraged that this is more than just a cost. A switch to solar energy is an investment with a phenomenal return that comes in the form of several benefits, the first and foremost being the savings that you could be pocketing! Let’s look at this now. 

Will Solar Really Save Me Money?

We’ve worked out the cost, and while $9,690 isn’t a small investment, rest assured that the savings aren’t small either. Let’s get into the best part of solar energy: putting money back into your own pocket!  

In order to calculate your savings, we take the energy production of your 5 kW system and multiply that number by the cost of traditional electricity you would otherwise be paying for. For Destin, FL, the current price of electricity is rather high at 12.06 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh). If we multiply this by the approximate energy produced by your solar panels, 6800 kWh per year, we get a total of $816.

Therefore, by switching to solar energy, you are looking at saving around $816 every year for the life of your solar panels, which is estimated at about 30 years! Using these numbers we can further calculate how long it would take for your new solar tech to pay for itself. We just divide $9,690 by our yearly savings of $816, to get a pay-off window of only 11.9 years! That’s right, solar literally pays for itself. 

Each additional year that you produce and harness your own energy, is money right back into your pocket. At $816 a year, you can expect almost $14,800 in lifetime savings! This is why we say that installing solar panels is really an investment. For your money, you can achieve a 152% ROI. As amazing as saving this much money is, it’s still not the end of the incredible benefits that come with switching to solar, so let’s look at some others.

What Are Some Other Benefits of Solar?

So far we’ve seen incentives to make your solar purchase effective, and the potential savings that could return thousands of dollars to you, to use as you please. However, the benefits don’t stop, let’s check out a few more ways solar energy could positively impact your life:

  • Our savings breakdown left one benefit out: the year-over-year increase in electricity prices. While you can expect your traditional energy bill to fluctuate and rise over time, your solar cost won’t. In fact, as prices rise for the electricity in your city, the amount your saving rises with it!
  • You restore peace of mind in the security of your home’s energy. We have all experienced power outages. Whether it’s due to inclement weather, service calls, or even with seemingly no reason. With solar, you aren’t reliant on some large utility company to keep your A/C on. The power is now in your hands.
  • The solar energy your produce is healthier for your air and the earth. Fossil fuels are being depleted every year, burned up inefficiently, causing pollution in our air and water. The more people who make the switch to clean energy, the larger the impact you can make on preserving the health of the very community you live in!
  • Solar energy panels can raise your home’s value by an average of 4%. In Destin, FL, that could be an average value of $20,000. Thanks to another cool Florida incentive, that $20,000 increase is also exempt from increased property tax value!

Is Destin a Good City for Solar? 

All you have to do to answer that question is step outside. Feel the warmth of the gorgeous Florida sun begin to tan your arms. Listen to the nature around you. This climate is not only a pristine choice for maximizing the benefits of solar, it’s also a beautiful city that deserves to be preserved on an environmental level. 

Every year, cities like Destin are seeing an increase in the installation of residential solar panels. You’ve likely seen neighbors hopping on board, and in a city like yours, there are plenty of factors that make switching to solar an obvious choice. Such as:

  • With an average of 226 days of glorious Florida sunshine every year, you’re in the optimal climate for maximum benefits!
  • A Florida-special combination of property tax and sales tax incentives to keep profits in your pocket.
  • An entire 26% rebate through the Federal Solar Tax Credit available to you right now, so you can slash your costs and enjoy your savings!!

Florida is nicknamed the “sunshine state” for a reason: there’s plenty of sun to go around. You have some of the greatest solar incentives in the country at your disposal. When you’re getting those panels installed on your roof, you can also be assured that they will be the best in class, and installed by true quality contractors. Enter your zipcode below and we will get you in touch with people capable of providing you with the best quotes, and who can answer any questions you still have. 

What Does the Process Look Like?

Thankfully this process has been streamlined, and made efficient for interested buyers like yourself:

  1. Make the decision if solar energy is the best fit for your home (and hopefully we have helped you here).
  2. Gather information specific to your needs, determining the system size that is best for your home and energy use. 
  3. Receive quotes/estimates from solar installers in Destin.
  4. Compare your financing options to make sure you receive the largest benefit from your solar panels. 
  5. Get your panels installed! This part can be rather quick, with most contractors able to finish your installation in a single day. 
  6. Start enjoying the benefits of your powerful solar energy!

How Do I Get the Best Deal?

Our recommendation is that you speak with as many solar panel installers as possible. It can become tedious, but sometimes finding the best fit for your needs is by seeing what each player brings to the table. Customer service may fall behind price comparisons in the list of priorities, but in our experience, it can be extremely important in finding a company that will take care of your home.

It’s possible you may want to secure a loan through an installer in your city. Oftentimes these contractors have connections with solar manufacturers who can get you loans through their network. 

Here at Solar Action Alliance, we pride ourselves on these sort of guides that help homeowners like you decide whether solar panel installations are a good choice. But we also review and form relationships with solar pros across the United States. We thoroughly vet their services and recommend only contractors that meet our high expectations for price and quality. If you’re interested in gaining access to this network of professional solar installers, simply enter your zipcode below to get started:

Wrapping Up Solar In Destin, FL

In the end, we hope that this guide has helped clear up some questions you may have been having about solar energy. Destin is a climate ripe for the benefits that come with solar energy. Coupling that potential with the incentives offered is a home run for your great city. Continue to research, and talk through any other specific questions you may have with your solar panel provider. Finally, we truly hope you get excited about your future with solar!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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