Best Fort Worth Activities

Are you thinking of visiting Fort Worth for holidays? Well, don’t worry as there are so many activities that you can enjoy while you reside in this state. Fort Worth is a city located in the northern central part of Texas. Before the city was known as the trading center for cowboys, but today the city has grown to a significant tourist attraction part in America.


Let’s discuss some of the things that one can do while staying in Fort Worth.


  • Visit the botanic gardens.


If you love plants, then this is an area that you must consider visiting while at Fort Worth. The beautiful garden has over 2500 different kinds of plants planted in 21 gardens. The botanic garden offers a clean and refreshing breeze where you can enjoy a cup of tea with your spouse or friends as you enjoy the views of the waterfalls and the beautiful plants in the garden. Most of these gardens use Fort Worth solar energy to power themselves.


  • Visit the Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District.


This is one of the places that holds the memories of what happened in the past in Texas. The area was used as a stop for the people who were transporting cattle to Chisholm Trail. Therefore this area served as a livestock industry center. Now so as to commemorate these activities, the land has been transformed into a beautiful museum displaying different pieces of livestock industries such as Longhorn and rodeo.


  • Go to the zoo.


If you have kids, then you can always take them to the zoo to have some fun as they view the animals. Some of the great attractions to visit at the zoo are the parrot paradise, the museum of living art, the world of primates among others. The area also has picnic areas and some food outlets where you can enjoy some lunch as well.


  • Enjoy some performance at Nancy Lee and Perry R. Bass Performance Hall.


This is a great venue known to hold all the fun and exciting events and activities in Forth Worth. This is where the public comes to relax as they watch various artistic performances. Some of the companies that come to showcase their performances include the Texas Ballet Theater, Symphony Orchestra, and the Cliburn which provides different performances around the year. Therefore if you need a place that you can relax as you enjoy some entertainment with your partner, you can visit Nancy Lee and Perry R Bass performance hall.


  • Take a ride on Cowtown Cycle Party.


Cowtown cycle is a form of transport that offers tourists guide around the city. With the cycle, you get a clear view of the best and most attractive parts of Texas. The tour takes about two hours, and you are guaranteed to see the best areas within the stipulated short time. One of the great features you are guaranteed to view is Fort Worth water garden.


  • Go shopping.


There are varieties of places that you can visit shop while at Fort Worth. From artwork to clothes and also accessories. Some of the shopping sites are along the streets and at Sundance Square.