Things To Do In Fort Worth

Fort Worth is an amazing place to visit and here are some reasons. The largest private collection of memorabilia from Texas’s role in the Civil War is housed in Fort Worth, and cattle lovers will enjoy the popular cattle drive shows at the Fort Worth Stockyards. The Fort Worth Zoo is one of the most popular and well-loved zoos in the nation, and it is the birthplace of singer Kelly Clarkson.

Here are some cool things to do in Fort Worth:

Fort Worth Botanical Garden

Nature lovers will enjoy a trip to the Fort Worth Botanical Garden. It’s the oldest botanical garden in Texas and you will find over 2,500 species of plants both exotic and native. If you’re bringing your kids to the venue, have them check out the Backyard Vegetable Garden. The kids can learn about the benefits of gardening to developing a sustainable society. You’ll also like the Rose Garden, beautiful waterfalls, and the peaceful Zen Garden.

Kimbell Art Museum

Fort Worth is not just about cattle drives and barbecues. This city has sophistication as seen with the wonderful pieces of art at the Kimbell Art Museum. Here you’ll see over 350 works altogether and you can everything from European classical art to modern Asian art. If you’re interested in learning about the art you see, this museum has a research library.

Cowtown Cycle Party

Forget the party bus, try the Cowtown Cycle Party in Fort Worth. It is a small vehicle that operates as a traveling bar for guests. While you’re in the vehicle you get to see all the little-known and popular attractions in the city.

Amon Carter Museum of American Art

This museum has plenty of beautiful art to admire, ranging from 19th century painters to modern masters such as Thomas Eakins. Other noted exhibitions here include the work of Helen Frankenthaler, an exhibit from Richard Avedon that documented Texas life, and midcentury paintings from Texas painters such as Jack Boynton, Ben Culwell, and George Crammer.

Sundance Square

This excellent attraction is one of the most loved in Fort Worth and for good reasons. It is located in the historic section of downtown and there is no shortage of businesses (including Fort Worth solar panel installer) trendy cafes, bars, shopping areas and restaurants. You will also enjoy the diverse galleries and the few department stores that exist in Sundance Square. This is a suitable option if you’re traveling with kids.

Fort Worth Aviation Museum

For the kids who love planes and who desire to work in aviation, bring your family to the Fort Worth Aviation Museum. Some of the events featured here include:

  • Flight Day
  • Celebration of National Aviation Day
  • Alliance Air Show

Discussions on aviation history and its’ role in the nation’s most historic wars.

In conclusion, Fort Worth has plenty to offer tourists and can compete well with other well-known Texas cities such as Austin and Houston. Fort Worth is steeped in rich history and is really a testament to the role that the West played in the shaping of American culture.